artichoke salsa(Serves 4)
Prep time: 15 minutes

3 large ripe avocados
Juice of 1 lime
2 tsp Olive oil
½ Jar of Little Diablo Mild Artichoke
1/4 tsp Cumin
1 TSP Chopped Cilantro
Pinch of salt & pepper
*¼ cup sour cream Optional*

1. Cut avocado in ½ & scrape out fruit.
2. Place into non-metallic bowl (the acids in avocados will make your guacamole taste like metal).
3. Add all ingredients together mix well.

Chefs Tip: I like to add sour cream to guacamole to stretch the amount, it gives you more & it doesn’t change the flavor. Sometimes you have to add more lime juice to stop the browning effect, but Little Diablo does that for you.

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