• Eating Salsa counts as vegetable. Just ask my mom!
  • Salsa is a great way to eat healthy and have fun at the same time. If you choose a multigrain chip you get a double bonus!
  • Did you know that the tomatoes in salsa provide you with the health benefits of Lycopene. This is helpful in preventing  cancer.
  • Salsa is also made up of several different peppers. These peppers contain “Capsaicin” which makes them hot.  “Capsaicin” increases blood flow to the stomach which makes your metabolism increase. Thereby increasing the number of calories your body burns.
  • Tyring to lose weight?  Adding salsa can help! Salsa can boost your metabolic rate and can help you eat less and feel satisfied. In other words, it suppresses appetite and increase the calories your body burns.

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