A Tiny Wave

By Joe in USA

Life is full of miracles. They come in all sizes too. Most people only notice the big miracles, but the tiny miracles surround us everyday. They are gentle reminders of how much God loves us and how much we can love too.

I got one of these miracle reminders just the other day as I was driving my handicapped son to the sheltered workshop where he works part-time. The sky was full of gloomy, gray clouds, but they had not dampened my mood. I was singing along with the radio and indulging in a favorite past-time of mine: joy watching. I was keeping my eyes open for little things that would uplift my heart and nourish my soul. So far that day I had noticed patches of white Daises and Queen Anne's Lace blooming along the side of the road, the first red Maple leaves of the year, and a smiling dog sitting on its front porch.

The best sight of all, though, happened just as I rounded a curve. A young mother was waiting to cross the road. Her five year old daughter was by her side. In the mother's arms was another daughter about two. As I got closer to the family the little toddler in her Mother's arms saw us, smiled, lifted her tiny arm, and began to wave at us. My son and I both smiled and waved back at this little angel. Just then the gray clouds parted for the briefest instant and a beam of sunshine broke through to kiss that little girl with its light.

That miracle moment stayed in my heart the rest of the morning. I felt God's love flowing down from Heaven on that beam of sunlight. I saw His lesson for us all too in that girl's tiny wave. May we all live as she does: joyously, lovingly, and enthusiastically. May we all share our own smiles, waves, and light with everyone we meet in this world. May we all be the miracle and help to bring a little more Heaven to Earth everyday.

16-year-old with cancer completes ‘bucket list’ of dreams

Alice PyneAn inspirational teenager has completed her list of all the things she wanted to do after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Alice Pyne from Ulverston in northwest England became a worldwide Internet sensation when she published her “bucket list” online just over a year ago. Help came from pouring in from across the globe.

The 16-year-old has been able to swim with sharks, go to her school prom and meet the band Take That. Now she’s celebrating completing her list with her latest adventure: whale watching in Canada.

“It was really amazing because in the beginning I didn’t even know it was going to get published, and so I didn’t expect half the things to get done, never mind finishing it,” Pyne said.

Alice had 17 items on her bucket list. Her mom gave her the idea to help take her mind off her terminal cancer. Her biggest achievement: Getting 40,000 people to join the bone marrow register.

The teenager had hoped to become a dolphin trainer, but settled on swimming with sharks instead.  She also took part in a Labrador retriever show with her dog, Mabel. The last item on her list — whale watching — was something she’d given up hope of doing, but her parents surprised her by arranging the trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Alice is still fund-raising for charity with her friends, and her parents are planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to give families with seriously ill youngsters vacations in the lakes.

After capturing some amazing memories, Alice and her sister, Milly, have one big celebration to come: Picking up their British Empire Medals for using their time to help others. The two teenage sisters have been recognized in Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Honours list because of their charitable efforts.

“I mean, it’s just been incredible,” said Alice’s mother, Vicky Pyne. “We know that what’s going to happen to Alice is going to happen — you know, that doesn’t change — but we’ll always have these special times to look back at. People have made it amazing for us. And I’ve got so many friends in hospital who literally had weeks’ notice of their kids going and they didn’t get this time, so I can’t be miserable about it.”

To read Alice Pyne's blog and see her entire bucket list, click here.

Paralyzed Dog Climbs Mt. Washington

Mountain or molehill? Using a specially designed wheelchair, one enthusiastic dog proved she can tackle either, turning the highest peak in the Northeast into just another day's climb. Lucy, a 4-year old mixed breed, was paralyzed four years ago in a car accident in Puerto Rico. On Wednesday, August 18, she climbed to the top of Mt. Washington, becoming the first paralyzed dog ever to scale the 6,288-foot peak. "I think many people underestimate handicapped pets and don't realize just how much they can do given proper care and training," explained owner Courtney Dunning of Peterborough, New Hampshire.

"With appropriate veterinary care and physical training, dogs in wheelchairs can thrive and even reach levels of athletic achievement," he added.

Little Diablo Daily Dose of Sunshine

Love Is the Answer

Filmmaker Ian Watt had an epiphany: today's creatively-oriented young generation could make

great things happen by linking artistic talent with change-making movements. This film tells the

story of the organization he started to help youth serve the world with art. But it also shows

Ian's first experiment in change-making, as he used his filmmaking skills to help bring attention

to K.I. Nepal, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking of young girls.

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