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Raising money for your organization has never been easier! Little Diablo Salsa is a great alternative to the typical candy and wrapping paper fundraiser.   Little Diablo Salsa is a unique item with many features that will help sell itself.

*Made in Michigan * 100 % all natural

* Our salsa is made from FRESH ingredients

* Our salsa contains nothing artificial; no chemicals, no preservatives, no added sugars

* Our salsa is GLUTEN free, Vegan friendly and Kosher Certified

Little Diablo Salsa is more than just a condiment. It is a terrific pantry staple making chili, taco meat, Sloppy Joes, dips and appetizers super easy and tasty to make. Our product does not require refrigeration which means it’s easy to store and get to your customers when the time is right.

We have 2 programs you can choose from:

Pre-sell (Pay when we deliver to you)

This is the most common type of fundraising program. You take orders, collect the money, you ‘buy’ the product to fulfill your orders and the money left over is yours to keep!

Fast Cash (Pay now)

Purchase all your salsa now and then set up your fundraising table or booth at your convenience. Then, when you receive the money, it's all yours! No time limits and no hassles. Sampling salsa is the best way to get people to buy it!

Check out the earning potential! Your group keeps $3.00 per jar*!

# of Sellers

12 jars each

24 jars each

36 jars each

















                             *based on a $6.00 sale price


We are here to help YOU make your fundraising event a success!

Brighton, Michigan

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